8th Grade Orientation at BHS

Current 8th grade students at Berrien Middle School will need to attend 8th grade orientation night at BHS on March 26th at 6 pm. Attendance is required to register for classes next year. Additional questions may be directed to Laura Lindsey at 686-2021.


It's Registration Time!!!!

10th and 11th grade students will be bringing home registration information on Thursday, February 26th that must be signed and returned before March 5th in order to register for classes for next year. For further information, please contact your child's counselor at



FREE SAT Prep Class 



See Mrs. Garner for details...



Berrien High School's Afterschool Program

Spring Semester

Start Date January 9 (Thursday)

Free Tutoring and Enrichment Opportunities are Available

For more information contact Michele Garner at


Transportation will be provided to drop off points throughout the county.



UGA Southwest Opportunity   
10th-12th Grade Students Interested in Learning More about the UGA Collete of Agriculture

Parents Right to Know   
We are committed to continually seeking to improve instruction for our students.  We hope that as a parent, you will become...

Berrien County Schools Mission   
The Berrien County School System's mission is to achieve high levels of learning for all students in a safe and...

Berrien County Schools Vision   
Providing opportunities today for excellence tomorrow!

Guidance Office Offers Scholarship Information   
Info for other planning/prep purposes as well